Our Electrician Mission

We make homes safe and functional for families to live in so that they save time, reduce risk and save money with their electrical maintenance. Electricity is dangerous and unpredictable and the scary thing is that you can't see electricity!!

That is why everyone at Response Fire & Electrical is focussed on delivering transparency in the Electrical Health Reports that we do. Our report will give you a clear view into the health of your home and score it out of 100%.

You should know that you are living in a safe place and through modern upgrades, you can minimise the amount of time and money you spend on electrical maintenance long term.  


Our Values

  •  Have open and honest communication through the entirety of each job
  •  Demonstrate Integrity – do what we say we will, when we say we will
  •  Be reliable so that property managers can count on us
  •  Look and smell good at all times
  •  Make people happy by being friendly
  •  Collaborate and work together as a team
  •  Continue to adapt and learn new things everyday
  •  Live these values passionately at work

“Paper doesn’t save people, people save people”
— Dan Peterson

What We've Achieved so far

  • Developed the most comprehensive electrical check available in Australia.
  • Set up online systems to give our customers complete transparency into the progress of their electrical job.
  • Hired an extremely professional team of people to help support the high demand and expectation of our customers. 
  • Set up live training and information for our staff and customers to help educate them of relevant risks and benefits. 
  • Been awarded for service excellence from a number of our commercial customers.
  • Maintain a satisfaction rating from our customers of over 96% - you can't please everyone it seems :)
  • Founder Greg Allan was elected as the national Director & Board Member of Master Electricians Australia.
  • Founder Greg Allan sits of the National Electrical Technical Committee for ME & gives back to the industry.