Posted by Greg Allan.

RCD & Smoke Alarm Checks On Steroids

The Response Electrical Health Checks ensure that every single electrical asset is electrically safe and working to save time, reduce risk and save money.

I am really excited to announce the new add-on to the Response Electrical Health Checks where we can now manage the entire approval process from the initial approval all the way to the completion of the quoted work. By outsourcing all of your compliance and electrical maintenance work to us, you will not be interrupted throughout your day when we require clarification on whether or not we can proceed with any given works. The way we achieve this is through the latest in technological systems that we have been developing over the past couple of years. 

5 Reasons property managers Should Be Excited About the response electrical health checks:


1. You can be set up within 24 hours and start to have your compliance and electrical maintenance fully managed by us.

This means that you hand over all of the interruptive tasks of following up landlords, being interrupted by the electricians when something is not compliant onsite and time spent on following up pending quotations with landlords. 


2. Eliminate mis-communication between all parties when something is not compliant.

As much as you want to be, you are not electricians but sometimes your landlords and tenants expect you to be. We are able to discuss the situation direct with your landlord saving you hours of interruption.


3. RCD & Smoke Alarm Checks alone don't save you time, reduce all risk or save anyone money

The Response Electrical Health Checks surpass the annual RCD & smoke alarm checks in that every single electrical item that could be a risk to you, your tenant or your landlord is checked included with the transparent report.

4. While we are there, we ensure that every electrical item is fully working to reduce call backs which cost your landlord a lot of money.

Have you ever had an RCD & Smoke Alarm Check done and 2 weeks later, you get another maintenance request for a broken exhaust fan? Another call out charge, it interrupts your day and your tenant is inconvenienced. 


5. Receive a 7-9 page transparent report on the health of all of your electrical items to minimise any questions from landlords. 

The level of detail in the Response Electrical Health Check will leave you amazed. Our electricians take a lot of care in presenting you with the highest quality of workmanship and professionalism.

Posted by Greg Allan.