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Lost Power Step 3: Faulty Appliance or Electrical System?

How to identify if it's a faulty electrical appliance or a faulty electrical system in this step-by-step tenant walkthrough video.

In Step 1 of this video series, you identified it it was an energy supply issue or an electrical issue within your rental property. Step 2, you leant how to narrow down the electrical fault so that it was only one circuit that you are working on. Now it is time to find if it is a faulty appliance in your rental property or is it the electrical system that is causing the issue. 

This is really easy and can be done in these easy steps, just make sure that you follow them very closely and you can be confident in your issue. 

Process for Identifying a faulty electrical appliance like a pro.

  1. Walk around to every power point that is not working and remove the electrical appliance plug from the wall socket. This is very important - make sure you pull the plug out of the wall socket. If you don't remove the plug, the fault can still travel through the neutral and your RCDs will continue to trip.
  2. Make sure you have pulled electrical appliances like fridges, washing machines, gas cook tops. Look under benches and tables to ensure you get to every power point.
  3. Once you have pulled every appliance you can find out of the power points, go back outside to your main electrical switchboard and see if you can reset your RCD. 
  4. If you CAN reset your RCD - You will need to go around and plug one electrical appliance back in at a time until the RCD trips again. It is the appliance you plug in when the RCD trips that will be your faulty appliance. Note: Have someone stand at the main switchboard to shout out when the RCD trips so you know when it trips. Otherwise if you are by yourself: plug an appliance that makes noise in first - then walk around plugging appliances in until the noisy appliance turns off. The item you are plugging in when the noisy appliance turns off is your faulty one. 
  5. If you CAN'T reset your RCD - This will most likely be an electrical issue with the rental property itself and your property manager will need to organise a Perth electrician to attend and repair the issue. 

Identifying a faulty appliance is easy when you have the right process to follow. I really hope that this guideline has been helpful to you and that you have been able to get your power back on because of it. We are really passionate about providing a lot of value to our property manager customers and if you would learn more about our property manager electricians, please see our services. 

Have a fantastic day and have an electric day!!




Greg Allan:

Hi, it's Greg Allan from Response Fire and Electrical. And we're back on the next video. Last video we identified which circuits were faulty and you've broken it down to figure out exactly what circuits aren't working right now. So now we're going to  figure out if it's a faulty appliance or is it a faulty electrical system causing the problem.

What I need you to do is to go around to each individual power point which isn't working because your faulty circuit is off, if you remember from your last video. The faulty circuit is off, you wanna go out to all of those power points and remove, you have to pull the plug out of the socket, and then remove them all. So make sure if it's in the kitchen, you've remember that getting the dishwasher under the bench, look behind the fridge, make sure everything is removed, because if it's not removed, the fault could still be there.


Once you've done that come back outside and we're going to reset the circuit breakers and reset the RCD, and now everything's back on, and we're like, "Great, that's so great." Because what you need to do now is go and locate which is the faulty appliance. If it turns back on, it's a faulty appliance. If it doesn't turn back on and you've removed absolutely everything, then it's a faulty electrical system, you're going to need a Perth electrician.


But what you need to do, walk around and plug on thing in at a time. Now if you got someone that could stand at the board to shout out to you when it trips, that's good. Plug on thing in at a time until that circuit trips out. When you plug that appliance in and it trips out, that's the faulty appliance. If you don't have someone else there with you, plug your TV in first to one of those power points that wasn't working, turn the volume up and then walk around until you hear it turn off.  That's the faulty appliance. Hope this helps, and I hope that you got your power back on. Have a good day.

Posted by Greg Allan.