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Lost Power Step 2: Get some essentials back on!

If it's not a Western Power fault, it's time to narrow down the electrical fault and get some of the essential power & lighting back on with these simple steps.

Hopefully you have watched Step 1 to this loss of power video series, if you haven't - go watch that video first. It is time to narrow down your fault so that you don't waste time looking for an electrical fault on a circuit that is not a problem circuit which will just get confusing. This is a fairly simple process to follow and what you are trying to achieve is locating the electrical fault to one circuit breaker or fuse. 

Process to narrow down an electrical fault in your rental property:

  1. First you will need to ensure that the RCD switch is still tripping when you attempt to turn it on. You can locate the RCD switch by looking in your main switchboard for a device that has a switch toggle and a test push button on the same device. 
  2. Once you have confirmed that the RCD is tripping, turn off all of your circuit breakers  or remove all fuses labelled lighting or power.
  3. If you have done this, see if your RCD still trips out. You may find that it no longer trips out once you have turned off the circuit breakers or fuses. Now what you will need to do is turn one circuit breaker or replace on fuse at a time until the RCD trips. That will be the faulty circuit.
  4. Leave the faulty circuit off and reset or plug in the remaining fuses to the circuits that are not faulty. 
  5. You can not proceed to walk around your rental and find what power points are not working or what light fittings are not working. This will have narrowed your fault and you want need to look at so many things when you proceed with video number 3 of this power loss series. 

Note: This process will allow you to get some power and lighting back on in your rental property if you have to wait for an electrician to come and repair the electrical RCD fault. But for now, let's find out if it is one of your electrical appliances causing the electrical problem.



Greg Allan:

Hi. It's Greg Allan from Response Fire and Electrical, and today, we're going to have a look at how you can get your power back on if it's tripped out, and your RCD is tripped out, and you've lost some power and some lights, or you've just lost power, or you've just lost lights, and you've identified that it's not a Western Power problem.

Okay. We're going to dive into the switchboard here, and have a look. Everything's on at the moment, but if there was a fault, what will happen is this thing, which is an RCD, you can tell it's an RCD because it's got a switch and at test button on the same device. That will trip out, just like that. Once it's tripped out, and you got come back outside and you see if you can reset it, and it trips back down again like that, you've got a fault somewhere on your circuits, okay.


The first thing we want to do is try and segregate what circuit it is.  If you have a look here closely, this actually says, protected power, protected power, protected lights. So, I would have lost some power, and some lights, throughout the house. So the next thing I want you to do, is to turn off all of those circuits, or pull out the fuses, because you can see which circuits are protected by this RCD, and then see if you can reset it, okay.

So if you can reset it, then go through and put one circuit on at a time. Boom! Trips out again. Okay, we know that's the faulty circuit, so we want to leave that one off, turn that on, and then we've segregated the circuit which is faulty.

Now, next thing I want you to do is to go back inside and then identify what is on the circuit which is tripping out still, and you can tell because they won't be working. And watch the next video on how to break down your circuit, and get your power back on to locate if it's a faulty appliance or not.

Cheers! Have a good day.


Posted by Greg Allan.