The Job That Ruled All Others

Are you looking for a job that will be extremely exciting, challenging and rewarding?


Hi! My name is Greg Allan and I’m looking for an All-Round Business Assistant to join our young, dynamic and slightly crazy team. Somebody who is incredibly self-motivated, organised and likes to have a laugh.

Below you will find a couple of videos that give you an idea of who you will be working with. I’m energetic, outgoing and want the people who work for me to succeed not only in their roles but in life.

I own and operate two businesses, Response Electricians and The Electricians Success Academy. You’ll be helping by managing social media, assistance during our video recording sessions, general organisation, maintenance and office administration work. You will be helping with website building, basic invoicing, scheduling business coaching sessions and more which I’ll be happy to train you in!

This will be an all round diverse job role with lots of daily challenges and rewarding opportunities for growth and experience working with hardcore enthusiastic people on our beachside office in North Beach. We love to have loud music on, sing and dance in the office. It is a great workspace with lots of indoor plants and happy vibrant people everywhere. There is 19 staff in total but 5 in the office everyday. You’ll make us complete with 6 😃

Response Electricians

This is Response Electricians, we started operating 9 years ago and service the home owner, shops and other small commercial clients with everything electrical really. Have a look through this website to learn more.


This is the Electricians Success Academy. I share my story of struggle in this video and why I decided to start the Academy to help others succeed within the electrical industry. Help me, help you, help these people.




  • This is a full-time role starting with an attractive salary and the potential to earn more as your experience grows.

  • Work with a highly energetic, enthusiastic team in our beachside office full of plants and 50m from Mettams Pools in North Beach.

  • Work in a supportive environment with a focus to building your skills, positive attitude, health and well-being.

  • Fantastic future opportunities to help internationally as we grow our international workshops and training sessions.


  • #1 attitude towards growth and improving yourself in every way.

  • The ability to laugh. be fun and have a good time.

  • You will need to be extremely computer literate, organised and competent in using a range computer software.

  • Well mannered and pro-active in your approach to life and your work.

  • The obvious things like drivers licence and own a bandanna.

  • I would prefer it if you were a fast typist and great with grammar as I am not but not a necessity because we have Erin.


Show me how you are different from the other applicants by sending me a video of why would would like to join our team. Don’t be shy, I look forward to hearing from you 😃