How Do I Set A Time Clock

Setting A Time Clock Takeaways

  • Analogue time clocks spin around on a wheel usually for 24 hours before returning to the start so you need to use the coloured pins or toggles to set when to turn on and when to turn off. 
  • Time clocks usually have a 3 position switch - ON / OFF / TIME (usually represented as a clock)
    • ON - It will stay on 
    • OFF - It will stay off
    • TIME - It will run your program and turn on when you set and off when you set.
  • You can manually roll the wheel to the correct time.
  • Make sure you leave the power supply on all the time otherwise the clock will go out of sync.
  • Digital time clocks have different settings for every model but follow the same principle. 
  • Use the user manual for digital time clocks to set the time, set the on and off program. 


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