Lost Power Video - Step 3 - Is It A Faulty Appliance?

Lost Power - Step 3 Takeaways:

  • Follow steps 1 and 2 first to identify the area that has the faulty circuit. 
  • Walk around and remove all of the power sockets from the outlet - yes, pull everything out.
  • If it's a lighting circuit, turn off all of your light switches. 
  • Once everything is removed or light switches turned off, see if you can reset your RCD.
  • If you CAN reset your RCD: plug one thing in at a time or turn one light switch on at a time until the RCD trips again. The faulty appliance or light is the one that trips the RCD.
  • If you CAN'T reset your RCD: you will require an electrician to fix the problem, call the number below for rapid response or email us for more information.


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