Lost Power Video - Step 2 - Narrow Down The Fault

Lost Power - Step 2 Takeaways

  • You should have identified that you have a tripping RCD from the step 1 video.
  • Identify that circuits (circuit breakers or fuses) that are protected by the tripping RCD.
  • Turn all of the circuit breakers off and remove all of the fuses protected by the tripping RCD.
  • If you CAN reset the RCD:
    1. If you can, turn on one circuit breaker or push in one fuse at a time until the RCD trips. When the RCD trips, that is the faulty circuit.
    2. Leave this off and turn everything else on. Walk around the property and test all of your outlets to see the area of the affected circuit
    3. Watch video 3 to identify if it's a faulty circuit or a faulty electrical system
  • If you CAN'T reset the RCD, give us a call on the number below as it is an electrical system issue and an electrician will be required to fix. 


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