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Why You Need to get RCDs ASAP

What happens when you don’t have an RCD and why you need to get it ASAP?

When it comes to electricity, it has become such an integral part of your life that you have been using it every day without even realising the threat it possesses. You take it for granted that it’s safe only to be proven wrong later -- when the time’s too late and nothing further can be done. SO many times even the most sophisticated and well-protected form of electricity can lead to power leakages, current overflow, short circuit, or malfunction of any sorts. This can result in death by electrocution.


One way to be safe from such incidents is to install RCDs in your electrical circuits so that the RCD will trip -- meaning it will break off and ensure that no further current is flowing -- when it detects a threat. Its threshold to break off the flow of current is usually set at 30mA (milliamperes). This current is potentially capable of causing a cardiac arrest and can be fatal if it persists for quite a while.

It is not only essential that you install RCDs in your home, but also in your rental properties. So before you rent out a property you need to make sure that it is compliant with the electrical WA laws and has two RCDs installed. Talk to our team of qualified Perth Electricians for all your RCD-related questions and other electrical work.

If you find that an RCD is missing, the question is --What should you do when you have purchased a new property and the socket and lighting circuits are not protected by the RCDS? (Read about it here.)

Why You Need to get RCDs ASAP | | Perth Electricians

Posted by Greg Allan.