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Types of Fuses - An Introduction For Home Owners

When there is a lot of current flow, the electrical circuit is broken by the fuse. Thus the appliance and the electrical wiring is protected, in case something goes wrong. When the amount of heat or current exceeds the device’s capability, the wiring in the fuse would melt and the circuit would be disrupted or broken. Make sure that your property has the relevant fuses installed. Call our team of Perth electricians to install any types of fuses for your electrical safety.

Resettable Fuses (PTC’s) -- They are used as circuit breakers in your electronic circuits and will reset automatically once the fault current is resolved or removed.

Miniature Fuses -- You can use these fuses for printed circuit boards and small cartridge.

Automotive Fuses -- It is commonly used in buses, trucks, cars, motorcycles, low voltage direct current appliances, and forklifts. Please check that there are correct fuses in your automotive appliances.

PV Fuses & Surge Protection -- These fuses protect the photovoltaic systems


Ultra Rapid Fuses -- Ultra sensitive semiconductor components are protected by super rapid or very fast acting fuses.

Industrial Fuses -- These are the fuses with 250 V or more rating and aimed to protect industrial machines, wiring and power systems.

Medium Voltage Fuses --  It is designed to protect the electrical appliances in your home which have a rating of 1000V or more.

To ensure the safety of your electrical appliances and devices, ensure that your devices and appliances have relevant fuses. To install or replace fuses in your homes or office space, please call our team of friendly and efficient Perth electricians.

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