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Changing Your Smoke Alarm Battery

It is important to work with licensed Perth electricians because always remember that only working smoke alarms save lives. So if your smoke alarm is not working -- you might need to change the smoke alarm battery, depending on the type of smoke alarm you have.

Let’s see if it is time to change your smoke alarm battery.

If your smoke alarms have a 9V Alkaline Battery, then you need to replace the battery every year. As per DFES regulations, it is recommended to replace the battery every 1st April.

If your smoke alarms have a 10-year fixed Lithium Battery, then you don’t need to replace the battery each year. (Don’t try to remove them under any circumstances.)

If your smoke alarms are mains-powered and hard wires then they would have an external source of power. They would also have a backup battery (just in case there are power outages).

Many smoke alarms have a battery that can be recharged but can’t be removed. For such special cases, you need to refer and follow the manufacturer’s instructions about the need to change the battery.


Things You Need To Know About Smoke Alarms

  • A beep or chirping sound from your Smoke Alarm indicates low battery or faulty smoke alarms.
  • When there’s a mains power outage, the mains powered smoke alarms will make the low battery warning sound. You might have to change the battery in case of a smoke alarm that comes with a replaceable battery.
  • Before setting out to replace your smoke alarm battery, you need to realise that not all the batteries can be replaced. Some smoke alarms come with non-replaceable batteries, so always make sure to check the manufacturer’s instructions before replacing a smoke alarm battery.
  • “Power On” LED Indicator is mandatory for mains-powered smoke alarms. It will light up when the smoke alarm is connected to the mains power.
  • Smoke alarms come with a red light that flashes every 40-60 seconds. It means that they are functional and operational. The light also flashes when the smoke alarm is activated. In case of interconnected smoke alarms, the red light shows which smoke alarm started the buzz.
  • Make sure to test your smoke alarm, once you have replaced the battery. Test it by holding the button till you hear it ring. All the smoke alarms need to be maintained regularly. Contact our team of licensed Perth electricians for help with installing, replacing, or maintaining of smoke alarms and smoke alarm batteries.
  • All the smoke alarms must be replaced every 10 years.

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Posted by Greg Allan.