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Replace Your Smoke Alarm Every 10 Years

Working smoke alarms save lives. To ensure that your smoke alarms are functional and operational feel free to contact our team of Perth electricians.

All the smoke alarms have to be replaced every ten years because they are manufactured per the Australian Standard 3786, which mentions a life of ten years. After this stipulated time of ten years, the smoke alarms may not function well because of insects, collected dust, electrical corrosion, and airborne contaminants. So, please be sure to replace the smoke alarms every ten years.

It is a must to hire a licensed Perth electrician to replace your mains-powered (also known as hard-wired) smoke alarms.


According to the Department of Fire and Electrical Safety (DFES), it is recommended to install photoelectric smoke alarms and replace your smoke alarms with this technology because they provide early warning in case of a fire at home and residential premises. If you have ionisation smoke alarms, make sure to upgrade to photoelectric smoke alarms for more safety.

If you are about to sell, transfer ownership, rent or hire your house, then it required by law to replace the current smoke alarms by installing mains powered (hard wired) smoke alarms. If you don’t comply with it, your local government can fine you!

To find out the exact age of the smoke alarm, you can look at the date of manufacturing or the expiry date. It can be a part of the serial number located on the smoke alarm or the batch number. If you are unable to find the date, then you can replace the smoke alarm according to the installation date.

Let’s look at a few rules that you should follow while disposing of the smoke alarms in Western Australia:

  • To dispose of photoelectric smoke alarms, you can put it away in the domestic rubbish.

  • One ionisation smoke detector can be thrown in domestic rubbish. For more than ten ionisation smoke detectors, it should be disposed of as radioactive waste.

If you need further information about disposing of radioactive waste material in Western Australia, then you can get in touch with the Radiation Health Section of the Health Department of Western Australia - telephone (08)9346 2260.

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