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RCDs - Everything You Need To Know

RCDs save lives. A current of 0.05A can be catastrophic for you but the RCDs usually trip at 30mA (milliamperes) thus ensuring that if there’s a short circuit, power leakage, or an electrocution in your home, office, or property, then it won’t prove to be fatal.

A typical RCD is designed to function in a way that it immediately trips if the difference between live and neutral is 30mA, meaning that it won’t let any further current pass when you are at the risk of a fatal electrical accident. So, if someone were to touch a live wire in a circuit that is protected by RCD, then he or she would most probably survive.

RCD is also known as a safety switch -- it tends to monitor the flow of current and if it detects a threat to personal safety then it switches off power within 0.03 seconds. It comes with a test button.


It is required by law to have at least two RCDs in your home. And if the rules have not been complied in Western Australia then a penalty of up to $15K can be charged to an individual or up to $100K to a corporate.

You should have at least two RCDs installed in your property one for the power circuit and one RCD for the lighting circuit, but it is also suggested to include individual RCDs for individual circuits such as air conditioning, hot water system, lights, pool equipment, and oven for your complete electrical protection. It is a step that has been lauded by the safety regulators.

If you need any help with RCDs -- installation, repair, or check -- please know that our team of licensed Perth Electricians are just a call away and would love to help you.

RCDs - Everything You Need To Know | Perth Electricians

Posted by Greg Allan.