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How to prevent Downlight fires in your home

When the downlights are not installed or maintained well, they can cause irreparable damage and trouble to you by setting fire to insulating, leaf litter, wiring or timber. These things can burn undetected for a while, in your roof space, well above the reach of smoke alarms. And when you get to know about the problem, it might be too late to take any action.


It is a recorded statistics that “old or poorly installed downlights lead to at least one house fire every week in Western Australia.” Make sure that your house is safe and out of the harm of electrical fires by implementing the below steps.

Steps to take to prevent downlight fires in your homes:

  • Only hire licensed Perth electrical contractors after seeing their Electrical Safety Certificate.

  • Ask your licensed Perth electrician to check the downlights and transformers in your property.

  • Install a mechanical barrier or a non-combustible substance.

  • All the fittings used should meet the Western Australian standards.

  • Request your licensed Perth electrician or Perth electrical contractor to inspect all the downlights and transformers to make sure that there is no combustible material or insulation.

  • Replace 240V incandescent globes with globes that produce less amount of heat such as fluorescent globes.

  • Replace 12V Halogen globes with LED downlights that produce a lot less heat.

For more electrical help, please feel free to contact our team of friendly and efficient Perth electricians who are licensed electrical contractors and will be able to do all your domestic or residential electrical work.

How to prevent Downlight fires in your home | Perth Electricians

Posted by Greg Allan.