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11 Year Old Perth Girl Electrocuted By Garden Tap

Denishar Woods, an 11-year-old girl, was electrocuted at her family home in Perth while trying to turn off a metal tap. 

I am saddened by this tragedy.This morning, I had a chat with Basil Zempilas regarding the reasons that might have led to the Perth girl being electrocuted by garden tap:

Even though she was revived by the paramedics, she lost consciousness on Saturday night and has been in a coma ever since. As she battles for her life, an investigation has been launched by Energy Crews.

Her mother, Lacey Harrison, is demanding answers.

She claims that she had reported the electrical problem to the Department of Housing. An electrician was supposed to visit the property that evening or the next day.

An hour later, her daughter suffered electrocution. Ms Harrison has also reported a “burning electrical smell” in recent months, but the electrician was unable to find the source.



As an electrician one always wants to find electrical faults and fix them because you never know what tragedy an unattended electrical problem can lead to.

I have always emphasised the importance of getting a comprehensive electrical check for your and your family’s safety. It is really important that you ensure it by hiring quality electricians to do a thorough electrical health check report.

Currently, EnergySafety is trying to find the cause of electricity in the metal tap. Ms Harrison has also questioned whether the RCD switch on the property was faulty.


It could have been a fault on the electrical circuit such that the fault current ran through the earth back to the power point and ultimately, the transformer. Since there was no main earth or an equipotential bond on the main water tap, it added to the situation. As a result of this, the Perth girl was electrocuted by garden tap.

We hope that Denishar Woods recovers and such electrical tragedies will be avoided in the future by timely and comprehensive electrical health check reports.

11 Year Old Perth Girl Electrocuted By Garden Tap

Posted by Greg Allan.