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Maintaining Your Smoke Alarms

All the smoke alarms need to be maintained per the Western Australian standards. You need to test and clean the smoke alarms to ensure that there is effective protection.


DFES recommends a few guidelines, which you can follow for the regular maintenance of your smoke alarms:

  • Test the smoke alarm every month to ensure that the battery and the alarm are operational.
  • Press the button until you hear the alarm go off.
  • If you cannot reach there, then you can use a broom handle but you need to be careful as to not to damage the smoke alarm.
  • Every six months, vacuum your smoke alarm.
  • Use a surface-insect spray to prevent insects from nesting around. Cover the smoke alarm while you are spraying to ensure that the spray doesn’t go there.
  • Do not cover or paint over the smoke alarms.
  • You might have to replace the smoke alarm battery every year. Some smoke alarms come with non-replaceable batteries that come with a manufacturer’s warning.
  • You need to replace your smoke alarms at the interval of 10 years.

Things you need to know about Smoke Alarms:

  • A chirp or a beep in your smoke alarm is a sign that the battery of smoke alarm is low or faulty. You need to check the manufacturer’s instruction before you change the battery. (Side note: The chirp may indicate  that the smoke alarm is contaminated.)
  • If the chirp or beep continues to exist, even after you have replaced the battery, then the smoke alarm should be replaced because it is faulty and not in a working condition.
  • For every installation or replacement of a smoke alarm, you need to hire a licensed Perth electrician or electrical contractor. The maintenance work can be done by an adult.
  • If there’s a power outage in mains then the smoke alarms might give a low battery warning.
  • Once the mains power is restored, the rechargeable batteries need a few days. If the smoke alarms do not have a rechargeable battery, then you need to replace the battery. You can check with the manufacturer to see whether the battery needs to be replaced or if it will be recharged.

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Posted by Greg Allan.