Posted by Greg Allan.

Lighting Upgrade Tips When Selling Your Home

Lighting Upgrade Tips To Keep In Mind When You Sell Your Home.

We have just been out working for a customer who had there real estate agent there when we visited. He instructed that we change all of the lighting over to cool white or 4000K temperature. The reason he wanted this was because it makes your home appear brighter, cleaner and takes a better shot when doing the real estate photography. I would have to agree with these points above but it's not the end of the world if you have a preference to warm light or cool light. 

What lighting is best for selling your home and why?


As discussed above, 4000K temperature globes and light fittings provide a more sterile, brighter environment. Studies have indicated that the higher the temperature light, the more stimulating it is causing more alertness and why they use bright 4000-6000K temperature globes in office spaces - it stimulates their workers and keeps them alert and awake at work. 

it is always a personal preference so if you like 4000K globes in your home, that is great but there is a way you can have the bright white for the photos and change it later.

What lighting is best for living in and why?

There have been numerous studies on the effects of lighting and how the various colours and temperatures affect mood, sleep patterns and even hormone activity. It has been shown that the cooler the light, the more stimulating it is and the warmer the light, the more relaxing it is to the human body and mind. 

Therefore if you want your home to be a place of unwind and rest, we suggest you use warmer lighting throughout your home especially in the living areas and bedrooms where you are right before going to bed. You may want to opt for having cooler white globes in the bathroom and kitchen areas which are work areas and require a bright light but this is a personal requirement depending on preference and personal preference. 


What is the best lighting option for selling a home?

If you are going to spend some money to use lighting to enhance the sale of your home, I suggest you look out for the new LED light fittings that have an interchangeable colour temperature. These are becoming more common now and will be great as you can set them to bright white for the sale of your home and add to your feature list that you have newly installed LED light fittings with interchangeable colour settings. Now whoever buys your home can set their lighting to whatever they feel would be most suitable for their family's needs. 

If you have any questions relating to these fittings or what would be best for your home, please get in touch and have a great day!

Posted by Greg Allan.