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3 Best Lighting Shops in Perth

When you google for the simplest query like “Lighting shops in Perth”, you are inundated with multiple results. Oof! To solve you the trouble of going through the endless results -- I have done my research and will list the 3 best lighting shops in Perth. (Psssh. Even though I live in Perth, I have relied heavily on the crowdsourced Google Reviews to create an objective and nothing-but-the-best Lighting Stores in Perth list for you.) Here it is -- I hope you find it useful:

Sii Lights -- Inspired Lighting Solutions


Previously known as HALO Lighting, they have rebranded themselves as Sii Lights -- a wordplay on “yes” in Italian and “to see” in English --  in 2018. Sii Lights are a customised designer lighting solution for residential, commercial, and retail needs. Their projects span across industries like hospitality, education, urban, multi-residential, governance, and more.

Replica Lights -- A Designer Lighting Store in Perth


If you are on a search for quality, affordable designer lighting, then you can consider Replica Lights -- a Perth Light Shop. Even though they are Perth-based, they offer delivery all over Australia. Their inventory includes modern pendant lights and wood pendant lights among a lot many options across trendy, urbane, and retro themes. Which theme are you planning to choose?

Future Shelter -- Lightings made in Perth


Western Australia is unique in its environment and structure. Future Shelter -- a lighting store in Perth -- sources materials locally and designs timeless pieces. If you want something special, local, and customised, this is the lighting store for you. Often, they use reclaimed wood such as Sheoak, Jarrah, and Norfolk Pine in their products. Let your lights have a piece of Western Australia!

Our team of award-winning and friendly electricians at Response Electricians would love to install your light fittings in Perth. If you need to replace, change, or install light fittings at your property, we are just a call away and we would love to help.

We would also love to hear your thoughts on the best light shops and stores in Perth. All said and done, it IS a subjective topic after all!

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Posted by Greg Allan.