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How you can test RCDs - A DIY Guide

The RCDs come with a test button, which you should press every three months to see that they are functioning and in a working condition. If the RCD is working then it would snap into the “off” position thus ensuring that if it were to repeat in the future, it would do the same thing. You can keep your RCD back to the ON position and you'll have to reset the timing devices and the clocks. You need to switch off the computing equipment before you switch it on again.

As discussed above, the RCDs can be reset and tested by yourself. The difference between an RCD and a circuit breaker is that it comes with a button, which can be pressed. It is important for you to test your RCDs every three months to ensure that you and your family are always protected. However, manufacturers recommend testing RCDs every fifteen days.

Sometimes RCDs can catch the earth current leakage from the old wiring and trip for no apparent reason. The more the number of connected appliances, there is more likely to be earth leakage, leading to nuisance tripping in RCDs.


You can follow these steps to make sure that the RCDs on your property is functioning properly:

  1. Plug in a small lamp into a power socket to check that it works. Switch it on.

  2. There should be electricity in your property, and the main switch (as well as the lamp) should be ON.

  3. Turn of all the electrical equipment, appliances, gadgets, and electronics.

  4. Now, push the test button on the RCDs and don’t keep your finger on the test button. The RCD would ideally operate and function, meaning, it would turn off. But if it does not function, then you need to reach out to a licensed electrical contractor and get it checked. You might have to replace it altogether.

  5. As a result of pushing the test button, the RCD has switched off the lamp that we left on a while ago. You should also check whether all the lights and the power sockets are operating no longer. You can do this by plugging the lamp into a new power socket. When you try to switch it on, it shouldn’t work. However, if it does turn on then you need to get it checked by a qualified and licensed electrician because your RCD is not functioning like it’s supposed to be.

  6. Once you are done with this small test, you can manually switch back the RCD on and check whether the lamp is working now.

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How you can test RCDs - A DIY Guide | Perth Electricians

Posted by Greg Allan.