Posted by Greg Allan.

Mitigate Halogen Down Lights Dangers And Risks

Halogen Down Lights Dangers and Risks --Everything You Need To Know

You may have watched some of our other electrical videos that cover the risks of halogen down lights in the home. Here is the recipe for fire:

  1. The major cause of fire is the amount of heat that is generated by halogen down lights with operating temperatures of around 300 degrees!
  2. Combine the heat of these fittings with them being installed right next to wooden beams in the roof space and having thermal insulation installed directly on top of the fittings, you have a recipe for a fire. 

What can you do to ensure you are protected?

We will cover what you can do to ensure that your home is protected in future videos so stay tuned. What you can do to check if you are safe now is to look in your roof space to see if your halogen down lights have heat canisters installed. If they do not, please give our Perth electrical contractors a call and we can provide you with some solutions to your unprotected halogen down lights. 

To stay safe from the halogen down light dangers and risks, give us a call.

Posted by Greg Allan.