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What is the earthing system

Electrical earthing is done for your safety. Whenever there is a discharge of electrical energy, it goes directly to the earth via low resistance wire. This earthing is done mostly through neutral supply or non-current carrying part of the equipment. It provides a path for the leakage current. It protects your system and equipment from damage because the short-circuit current passes to the earth.


Types of Electrical Earthing

Neutral Earthing:

It is directly connected to earth and is also known as system earthing. It is provided to a system which has star winding such as in a generator, transformer, motor, etc.

Equipment Earthing:

It is provided to the electrical equipment. A conducting wire connects the non-current carrying part of the equipment (for example, a metallic frame) to the earth. When there’s an electrical fault, the short-circuit current passes to the earth and thus protects the system from any damage.

Importance of Earthing:

  • It protects from short circuit current.

  • It provides an easy path for the short circuit current even if there’s an insulation failure.

  • It protects the equipment and people from high voltage discharge and lighting.

To ensure that you have complete protection in case of short circuit, call our team of licensed Perth electricians for installing an earthing system in your property to ensure safety.

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