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What Is A Compliant Smoke Alarm

A compliant smoke alarm is the one that matches the rules and regulations, as decided by the province. It is the property owner’s duty to ensure that the smoke alarm matches all of the below rules:


The smoke alarm should match the relevant Building Code of Australia (BCA) at the time of installation. For example, all the properties that were approved for construction before 1 May, 2015 don’t need to ensure that the smoke alarms are interconnected, when there are more than one.

If the building/property is made available for rent or hire and there is going to be a transfer of ownership, then the smoke alarm should never be more than 10 years old.

All the smoke alarms should be in working order such that they can function properly and detect any smoke.

All the smoke alarms should be connected to the consumer mains power constantly and permanently.

Now that you know what a compliant smoke alarm is, you should also note that it is required by the Building Regulations 2012 (aka The Regulations) for a property owner to ensure that compliant smoke alarms are installed:

  • Before the transfer of a property
  • In a property rented out or made available under the residential agreement
  • In a property that is available for hire.

What is a Compliant Smoke Alarm | Perth Electrician

Posted by Greg Allan.