Posted by Greg Allan.

How To Choose Light Fittings for Your Home

Did you know that the light fittings you choose to install in your home have the capacity to greatly impact your mood, sleep and energy levels. To make sure that you are cheerful, bright, and happy, I will share three tips to optimise the light fitting at your homes.

Install Recessed Down Lights Where Ever You Can


Have you ever felt that the room looks smaller than it is? It might be because of the light fitting that protrudes from ceiling. It makes the room seem small. It also creates shadows and gives an overall gloomy vibe. It is recommended to use recessed down lights in your home, where ever you can to reduce shadowing and increase the perceived room size.

Install Feature Pendant Light Fittings

Install Feature Pendant Light   

Installation of pendant lights at your breakfast bar, dining room table, or bedside table adds to the aesthetics of your home. If you choose a lower temperature globe, it can help you to create a warmer temperature. Yellow, amber, and red are preferred shades for this because studies have indicated that warmer lights stimulate the eyes less and therefore improve your sleep. In contrast, people use cool lights in commercial setups for the purpose of stimulating your eyes and for keeping you awake at work. Thus you can create a warm or a cool ambience, per your liking. Which one will you choose?

Install LED Light Fittings & Globes

LED Globes are the best light fittings for your home. The data speaks for itself. LED Globes --

Install LED Light Fittings and Globes
  • Last more than halogen, CFL, and incandescent lights.
  • Consume less power as compared to halogen, incandescent, and CFLs.

When you make the switch from old light fittings to new, it is recommended that you hire licensed electrician to install new light fittings in Perth. Old halogen light fittings are fraught with risks, so it is important to replace and install newer fittings, which will eventually last longer and produce better quality light.

Our friendly and efficient Electricians in Perth will be happy to help you to optimisie your home for light fittings of your choosing. We would love to hear from you!

Posted by Greg Allan.