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5 Best Philips Hue Lighting Apps and Why to Use Them

Imagine if you had a friend and a personal assistant in your lighting system. And to top it all it was wireless. Philips Hue Lighting System is perfect for your smart home. It helps you to create the right ambience for your home and to control your lights.

I would like to talk about the 5 best Philips Hue Lighting Apps, which help you to get the best out of your Philips Hue Lighting System.

Philips Hue App -- The Ultimate Philips Hue Lighting App.


Philips Hue Lights has its very own Hue App. With the help of the Hue App, you can --

  • Control the lights in your rooms.
  • Create an ambience by dimming individual lights and choosing your favourite colours!
  • Change the colour of your room instantly. (It’s magic! It’s magic!)
  • Create a vibrant mood in your room with the help of Hue App’s colour palette.
  • Support your routine with a light schedule to match.
  • Arrive home to lights shining down upon you and welcoming you. Say goodbye to darkness.
  • Wake up to lights that feel like a natural sunrise. The Philips Hue Lights will increase its warmness gradually helping you to comfortably settle into your day.

iConnectHue -- Easy control for the Philips Hue Light System.


The best thing about the iConnectHue app is that you don’t have to run it all the time on the phone. Your phone can be in your pocket, but as soon as your smart phone connects with your home’s wifi, the iConnectHue app is ready to go. It boots the Philips Hue Light System on its own. iConnectHue helps you to --

  • Control your Philips Hue Lights from your iPhone and iPad.
  • Use the group feature for your various hue systems.It comes with switches like  Motion Sensor, Hue Dimmer, and Hue Tap to help you adjust brightness and scenes, add color animations and switch on/off.
  • Use smart timers that activate the Hue Lamps during natural cycles or your preferred time.

Ambify -- Amp up your music quotient. Have a light show.


Have you ever been in awe of a music and light show and wondered if you could recreate it in your home? If you have, then Ambify is the app for you. It lets you --

  • Mix Hue Lights with your iTunes Playlist. Voila! Your room is turned into a dance floor.
  • Select the specific bulbs you want to sync so that the whole house doesn’t become a jukebox.

Ambify uses algorithms to sync your lights with your music beats in real time. So next time you want to chill out or throw a party you know that you have got your DJ in Ambify.

Huemote -- Voice Control for your Philips Hue Light System.


It is the best and easy to use remote control for your Philips Hue Light System. When you use the Huemote app, you can --

  • Voice control the light settings.
  • Access your lights immediately as a list.
  • Group your lights up to 16 at a time and control the brightness, state, and colour.
  • Remember your favourite colour mixes by saving them as scenes.

Hue TV -- Send colours from devices to your lights.


When you point your Hue TV at your TV screen, your room lights up with the colours that are in sync with what you are watching. How cool is that! You can use the Hue TV app to --

  • Send colours from your TV to Avea bulbs, Hue Lights, Lightify, and LIFX.
  • Surround yourself with the colours of a video.
  • Add up to three colours from a live video.
  • Light up your room with different hue shades.

Which of the above 5 apps do you plan to get for your Philips Hue Lights?

If you use other useful apps for your smart lightings in Perth, leave us a comment and let us know!

5 Best Phillips Hue Lighting Apps & Why To Use Them

Posted by Greg Allan.