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How To Ensure Smoke Alarms Compliance and Regulations

A Guide for Smoke Alarms Compliance and Smoke Alarms Regulations.

It is important to remember that your smoke alarms are a critical part of ensuring that your family is warned early enough so that they can either extinguish a small fire or evacuate safety from a fire that has become too big to manage.

Every single second counts when a fire has started as it grows in size exponentially and destroys everything it touches. That is why we are so passionate about protecting and educating Australian families on smoke alarms or smoke detectors so that you stay up to date on these life saving devices.  We strongly believe that following smoke alarms compliance and smoke alarms regulations can save lives.

3 Things to check on your smoke alarm now:

1. Check that your smoke alarms have a solid green light present.


This indicates that you have a 240V hard-wired smoke detector installed in your house. This is good news, WA regulations now require every home being sold or rented to have smoke alarms installed in the required locations as you will learn about in the video. 

2. Check that your smoke alarm in not installed within 300mm of a wall or ceiling

If your smoke detector is installed within 300mm of a wall or ceiling, it may not operate as it is intended to. The reason for this is that smoke rises and curls around the corner leaving a pocket of air that the smoke will not reach. If you smoke alarm is installed in this zone, no smoke will reach it to set it off!

3. Check that your smoke alarms are installed in the required locations


As you will learn in the video, smoke alarms are required to be installed outside of every bedroom area so if there is a common living space (such as a kitchen and living room) separating two bedroom areas, you will need 2 smoke alarms. You will also need a smoke alarm on every floor of a multi-storey building regardless of bedroom areas. 


How to maintain your smoke alarm

  1. Check that your smoke alarm has a solid green light.
  2. Remove the head from the base and check the smoke detector is less than 10 years old.
  3. Replace the battery every year as it goes flat.
  4. Re-instate the head of the smoke alarm back onto the base.
  5. Get the vacuum and suck all of the dust out of the sensor chamber.
  6. Push the test button to test the sounder.
  7. Use artificial smoke to test the sensor operation.
  8. Clean the smoke alarm with a damp rag.
  9. Look up and smile and know that your family is protected.

Hope you will implement the smoke alarms compliance and smoke alarms regulations for more safety.

Posted by Greg Allan.