Posted by Greg Allan.

What to do when your antenna signal goes weak

Struggling with TV reception and finding out that the antenna might be the reason of it feels like another century. Even with the steady march -- or should we say, flood- of technology antennas still cause a lot of trouble. So what can you do when your antenna signal goes weak?

Firstly, there can be a few reasons for the antenna signal not working as it is supposed to. Either the setup is not up to the mark, the masthead amplifiers are not right, or the antennas are too old and need to be replaced.

Here are a few things you can do to deal with the problem of a weak antenna signal:

  • Make sure it is the right type of antenna for your coverage area, such that it works with the strongest transmitter.
  • The antenna should be facing and pointing the transmitter so that you can get the best possible coverage.
  • The antenna needs to be horizontally and vertically correct so that it matches the V or H polarisation of the transmitter’s signal.
  • It can be a weak signal if the antenna is installed under a shade or indoors. Make sure it is installed outside.
  • The antenna needs to be in a good working condition. Also, it should be mounted in a secure way.
  • The antenna needs to have a good, high-quality cable, which is installed correctly as well as connected to the terminal devices.

For more information or help, you can reach out to our team of friendly, efficient and licensed Perth electricians who would check and repair your Antenna Signal.

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Posted by Greg Allan.