Posted by Greg Allan.

When the Lights Go Out - Response Electricians Parody

When the Lights Go Out - Electrician Parody

Response Electricians are known for their fun and engaging marketing videos which lead people to use a high quality award winning electrical service for their homes and businesses in Perth. Greg Allan, founder and director of Response Electricians is always looking for new ways to make his customers happy and he believes in laughter and not taking yourself too seriously when marketing as it is more engaging.  

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This is unless, of course, you are talking about the service itself which requires a tremendous amount of attention, care and listing to what the market and your customers want in an electrical service. After 10 years of listening and continually improving, Response Electricians has become one of the best known electricians in Perth winning awards such as WA and Australia's Master Electrician of the Year 2017. 


If you are looking for an electrician who really cares about you getting the best solution to your electrical needs, look no further than Response Electricians - Your Perth Electrician.

Posted by Greg Allan.