How Do I Install A Telephone Outlet?

Telephone installation in Hillarys


Brian required an electrician in Hillarys to install a new telephone outlet for his study so that he could start his home business. We provided a solution that would maximise his internet speeds and minimise interference so that his business could operate efficiently all year.

The Existing Telephone Installation

The premises had an existing line from the street, running to an ADSL splitter in the roof space feeding three rooms in the house. Our customer, Brian was not using any of the lines and required an additional outlet installed in his study at the front of the house.

The way the lines were currently setup meant reduced signal quality to the existing unused telephone outlets. The reason for this is each additional outlet would create bounce back interference if devices were plugged into them, especially security systems, which in this case was true.

What Is The Correct Way To Install A Telephone Line?


The incoming Telstra line from the street is a black 2-pair copper cable. It is required that this cable terminates at the first telephone point in the house. Any additional telephone outlets should be installed from this first telephone point, not directly terminated in the roof. The correct way to install this is through an ADSL filter/splitter which will also reduce bounce back interference.

The Way Not To Install A Telephone Line

If you do not hold a cabling licence you should not perform your own telecommunications work. There is a 50 volts DC present on the line at all times and you will be at risk of electric shock if you choose to work illegally on these systems. Illegal work also risks shorting the line from the street which will indicate to the authorities you have tampered with it. It is best, at all times to use a licensed electrician in Hillarys or a Perth electrician.

What Electrical Solution We Provided For Brian

Since Brian did not want to utilise the three existing phone outlets we recommended relocating the incoming Telstra line to a new outlet, as required, to the study at the front of his house. This would minimise interference and maximise internet speeds and reliability of the connection.

How Did Brian Feel About The Job?

Brian was looking for a reliable electrician in Hillarys and we were very happy to receive the call and attend to install their new telephone outlet. Brian said he was extremely happy with the service provided and is looking forward to starting this new business from home.

Good Luck Brian!

If you need a new telephone outlet installed at your home or business in Perth please contact our friendly team and we'll be more than happy to assist.