Best LED Down Light - Halogen Replacement

LED Down Lights Are IN!!

LED down lights are becoming very popular and for great reasons too. They have become a very attractive light fitting with all of the features they display versus the standard halogen down light fitting. 

Halogen Down Light Risks

  • Operate at a running temperature of around 300 degrees - Super HOT!
  • Exposed to conditions such as leaf debris and insulation covering the unprotected halogen globe when it operates at 300 degrees!
  • Very often installed too close to structural beams of the building that can cause fires. 
  • Expensive light to operate and maintain with 3 components that break often - the halogen globe, the down light lead and the down light transformer. 
  • Poor lighting angle of 60 degrees, leaving shadows in the upper corners where the light does not reach from these lights. 

Why are LED Down Lights So Good?

  • LED down lights operate at the fraction of the temperature of halogen down lights. You could easily place your hand on the light after operating for hours. Very safe and protects your home from fire risks. 
  • They have fully enclosed components with no exposed electrical terminals like the halogen down lights do. If IC-F rated, they can be fully covered with thermal insulation and it wouldn't be a problem. 
  • Operate at around 1/6th of the energy consumption for more lighting emission. They will easily pay themselves back in a couple of years. 
  • Likely not to fault or break in 10-15 years meaning no maintenance, no electrician call outs, no globe changes and no costs to all of this as well. 
  • The lighting angle of an LED down light can range between 90-120 degrees which allows the light to reach high up into the corners of your home. 


If you are looking to install LED down lights, I would be confident to recommend the light fittings that offer a 7-year in home warranty which means you will not need to change globes or parts for up to 7 years guaranteed. A service technician will attend to replace any lights that break free of charge. 

I would definitely advise against cheap products, this is not something you want to go cheap on as the risk/benefit profile does not support that decision. Do not use the retrofit LED globes as they are not as safe as true LED products and still have exposed terminations in the roof space. 

Enquire with us about the newest and best brands to buy and get a free quote to have LED down lights installed in your home.