Best Cheapest Light Of 2016

The Best Cheapest Light Of 2016

Sometimes you don't require a fancy impressive light fitting but you would still like to improve the aesthetics of the room and provide a broad spectrum of light to your room. One of our favourite light fittings to replace the standard batten holder with in an LED oyster light fitting. They are a very effective light fitting for most situations. They are cheap, they are efficient and they will last you a very long time.

Why the LED Oyster Light Fitting Won This Category:

  • Cost less than $100 which sits them in this category.
  • They can easily replace most light fittings because their large base covers fixing and cable holes that are made from other light fittings. 
  • They are brighter than your standard globes and provide a broader spectrum of light to any room. 
  • The new LED oyster light fittings are likely to last over 10 years before any parts or globes will require replacement. 
  • Save long term time and money because regular globe changes and the need of a Perth electrician is greatly reduced which can be expensive so change it once and leave it for over 10 years!
  • These fittings are extremely safe with all of the electrical equipment being sealed behind the diffuser. There are no exposed terminals like you would find in the standard batten holder. 

What is a LED Oyster Light Fitting?

An LED oyster light fitting has a large metal base plate which is fixed to the ceiling usually in 3 fixing points. The LED driver, LED globes and electrical terminals are fixed to the metal base plate. The cable entry allows for safe entry of the electrical feed which then gets terminated to the terminals of the light fitting. Once the fitting is installed, a diffuser clicks over the entire fitting to finish off the installation. 

Where would you install an LED Oyster Light Fitting?

The LED oyster light fittings are best suited for being installed in the centre of a room. Therefore replacing fittings like a batten holder, track spot light or old chandelier depending on the ceiling height. If you already have something like halogen down lights installed, you may want to install LED down lights instead. 

How many different Models are there?

There are lots of different models, sizes, shapes and light output which make it such a versatile light fitting that can work in most situations.

Below are some photos of the different types you can get, but there are no many more so best to do your research. 


If you would like a free quote to replace your old light fittings with LED oyster lights, please contact us.