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How Do I Check If My Smoke Detector Is Working?

3 things you can check to make sure that your smoke alarms are up to date and working. 

Hard-wired smoke detectors are now required to be installed in all homes before they are rented or sold but we always recommend that you have them installed so that they warn your family if a fire starts in your home. It's one thing having them installed but you do need to ensure that they are working and up to date.

  1. First look for a solid green light or a red light that flashes once every 60 seconds. These are the compliant types of smoke detectors. 
  2. Now push the smoke detector test button and hold it down until the alarm starts to sound. If the sounder does not activate, we can replace or install smoke detectors in Perth.
  3. Finally, remove or lift down the head of the smoke detector and ensure that the smoke detector is less than 10 years old. It will either have an expiry date or a manufacturers date but just remember replace every 10 years. 

if you have any questions at all about smoke detectors, please email our Perth Electricians or complete the form below. 


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Posted by Greg Allan.