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Response Electrician Perth

At Response Fire and Electrical, we’re proud of the high standard of workmanship that goes into every job we do for you.

Whether you’re a home owner or a business, we service the entire Perth metropolitan area and when you hire us to do a job, this is our guarantee to you:

You’ll receive a 100% Quality Workmanship Guarantee

Your job will be done by an experienced and reliable Master Electrician

We’ll only use quality branded equipment with genuine warranties

We’ll keep you ‘in the loop’, with honest, friendly feedback and advice

Whether it’s a quote or an appointment, we’ll get it done fast for you

Our vans are fully stocked, so you’ll get on-the-spot service



At Response Fire and Electrical, we’re accredited Master Electricians, so you can be sure that your safety is our number one priority.

We hold regular safety meetings and employ an independent safety consultant to ensure that every job we do for you is completely safe and conforms with the latest  standards and regulations.

If you’d like a reliable, fully qualified Response electrician to call at your home or business, click on our Electrical pages for more details.


We take your fire safety very seriously at Response Fire and Electrical and we employ the highest industry standards and latest technology in all our work.

Our experienced fire technicians install and maintain fire detection and alarm systems in businesses just like yours and we’re proud of the fact that the work we do saves lives.

For installation, service or maintenance of a fire detection or alarm system in your business, click on our Fire pages for all the details.


Preventative maintenance is vital to keep your home or business safe all year round and Response Fire and Electrical tests and maintains electrical systems right across the Perth metropolitan area.

Detecting and repairing an electrical fault before it becomes a major problem can save you a lot of money and heartache and there are 3 main types of maintenance checks we can do for you:

    • RCD TESTING – Safety switch RCD (Residual Current Device) testing, in line with WA regulations and Australian Standard AS/NZS3760:2010. Click here for more information on RCD testing.
    • EMERGENCY LIGHTING: twice yearly testing and maintenance of emergency lights, used for evacuation in situations without power. Click here for details of emergency lighting maintenance.
    • THERMOGRAPHIC TESTING: scheduled temperature testing of electrical switchboards for possible faults such as loose terminals or overloaded circuits, which can cause electrical fires.


Response Fire and Electrical is a Perth-based team of highly skilled electricians with many years experience in all types of electrical work.

We have domestic electricians who specialise in electrical work in private homes, rental and strata management properties and commercial electricians who install, service and maintain electrical systems in offices, workshops and factories.

Our list of valued clients includes specialised companies such as Total Green Recycling, Klaus Multiparking and AC/DC Testing.

Response Fire and Electrical is all about keeping Perth homes and businesses safe. We hope you choose us for your electrical or fire work and we look forward to meeting you real soon!